Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast

Grilled  chicken cubes with Romaine lettuce, sauce with anchovy paste, croutons, parmesan

Allergens: lactose, egg, gluten 4.290 Ft

Caesar salad with grilled prawns

Grilled prawns with with Romaine lettuce, sauce with anchovy paste, croutons, parmesan

Allergens: lactose, egg, crustaceans, gluten 5.090 Ft

Beef tartare

with raw vegetables

Allergens: dairy products 5.290 Ft

Grilled camambert

with red onion jam, raw vegetables

Allergens: lactose 4.290 Ft

Home-made bread 790 Ft


Hen broth 2.900 Ft

with quail egg and fine-cut noodles

Hungarian Goulash soup 3.900 Ft

in a pot

Hungarian Goulash soup 2.490 Ft

in a cup

Celery potato creamy soup with herb croutons 2.490 Ft

Fruit cream soup 2.490 Ft

with curd cheese dumplings


Chicken supreme steak 5.190 Ft

with grilled vegetables

Chicken supreme Paprikash 5.190 Ft

with ’Nokedli’ Hungarian dumplings

Confit duck leg 8.090 Ft

with braised cabbage and potato purée


Panko crusted pork chop 5.990 Ft

with parsley potatoes

Grilled pork tenderloin 5.990 Ft

served with lecho cream, potato dougnuts

Beef / Veal

Beef hamburger 5.990 Ft

Home made beef patty, bun, lettuce with french fries, chipotle mayo

Beef tenderloin 12.390 Ft

with porcini jus, spicy potato wedges

Beef stew with egg dumplings 5.990 Ft


Catfish paprikash with cottage cheese noodles 6.390 Ft

Vegetarian dishes

Aubergine roulade with cream cheese 4.390 Ft

and rocket salad

Curd cheese noodle 3.890 Ft

without sautéed bacon


Chocolate banana chia seed pudding 2.100 Ft

Curd cheese dumplings 2.900 Ft

with cinnamon sour cream

Chocolate brownie 2.900 Ft

with vanilla ice cream

Sponge cake Somló style 2.690 Ft

Side dishes

French fries 1.350 Ft

Jasmine rice 1.350 Ft

Potato purée 1.350 Ft

Grilled vegetables 2.150 Ft

Crispy fried sweet potato fries 2.150 Ft

Egg noodle dumlings 1.350 Ft


Gherkin 1.100 Ft

Mixed pickles 1.100 Ft

Cucumber salad 1.100 Ft

Pickled cucumber 1.100 Ft

Fresh green salad with balsamic cream 2.800 Ft

Tomato salad 1.100 Ft

Greek salad 2.800 Ft

Sauce, other

Ketchup 150 Ft

Mustard 150 Ft

Mayonnaise 150 Ft

Minced hot pepper 'Erős Pista' 150 Ft

Cutlery - spoon for take away 150 Ft

Cutlery - fork, knife for take away 150 Ft


The prices are meant in Hungarian forint. The prices of the menu include the V.A.T. and the 12 p.c. service charge as well.

Please note: when ordering half-size portions 70% of the regular price will be charged.

In case of any allergens, please ask your waiter for advice.