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Salsa de Magia

In the green heart of the capital, in the City Park, a dancing night for all salsa fans on 26 of April.
Regardless of the dance school and level of knowledge, we look forward to seeing you.

2024.04.05, 2024.04.26
from 18:50 to 01:00
3000 HUF / person

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The restaurant is a circular room with wonderful views in all directions, which is ideal to accommodate any type of events. A closed area in winter, fenceless in the summer. Thanks to the high quality and flexible design of our restaurant it can be easily rearrange according to the current weather and event. The room ensures full protection during the winter, cooler, or rainy weather. Floor heating provides a comfortable temperature. The restaurant changes to an open-air and covered terrace in summer, so you can enjoy the closeness of nature in the middle of the City Park. In our restaurant there’s an opportunity for buffet meals or plate service up to 130 persons. The table setup is easily rearranged, it could be comfortable up to 130 people.


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Chicken ceasar salad

Grilled chicken cubes with Romaine lettuce, sauce with anchovy paste, croutons, parmesan.

Katalin Császár

Banquet manager

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For the fifth year the Hungarian Baptist Aid has been hosting an Easter festive lunch for orphaned and disadvantaged children, by favour of the restaurants of Budapest. There are some big families with children who have hardly any special dish on the table this day.

This year, the Széchenyi Garden Restaurant also took part in the initiative: for the occasion of Easter, 50 children and large families were invited to a festive lunch. As a sign of gratitude, the Baptist Charity Service donated a picture to the Restaurant.