Traditional Hungarian dishes

Pancake with minced meat and sauce á la Hortobágy style 1600,-
Hungarian Goulash soup (in a cup) L G 1400,-
Hungarian Goulash soup (in a pot) L G 1800,-
Fisherman’s soup with catfish (in a cup) L G 1600,-
Fisherman’s soup with catfish (in a pot) L G 2200,-
Rooster stew with egg dumplings 2700,-
Confit duck leg with braised cabbage and baked potatoes G L 3900,-
Fresh letcho with sausage and egg 2700,-
Veal stew with sheep cheese dumplings 3600,-
’Nokedli’ Hungarian noodles with eggs 2200,-
Eszterházy cake 1400,-



Caesar salad with grilled chicken leg 2300,-
Caesar salad with grilled prawns 2900,-
Salmon gravlax with apple celery salad L 2600,-
Breaded pig’s head with mustard potato salad 1900,-
Salad of the house (mix salad, tuna, egg, capers) L G V 2200,-



Udon noodle soup with shrimp L 2400,-
Pickled cucumber soup V  990,-


Main Dishes

Ironed fillet of chicken leg with Greek salad G 2700,-
Parma ham chicken roulade with green pea risotto G 2700,-
Duck breast with sweet potato and baked tomato G 3900,-
Green peppered pork sausage with beans in tomato sauce,
pearl onion and sautéed vegetables L G
Pork steak with layered potato and pickled cauliflower and onion G 2900,-
Breaded pork chop with french fries 3200,-
Beef tenderloin with green pepper sauce
and sautéed potato with chanterelle mushrooms G
Beef hamburger with spicy potato wedges and cabbage salad 3200,-
Roasted salmon fillet with black gnocchi and cauliflower purée G 3900,-
Fish & Chips L 2900,-
Baked noodles with cheddar cheese 2200,-


Salads and Pickles

Cucumber salad 690,-
Tomato salad 690,-
Mixed pickles 690,-
Homemade cabbage salad 690,-



Raspberry tapioca pudding 1300,-
Peanut butter cheesecake 1300,-
Chocolate Lava cake with wild berry sauce 1500,-


V - Vegetarian
L - Lactose free
G - Gluten free

The prices are meant in Hungarian forint. The prices of the menu include the V.A.T. and the 12 p.c. service charge as well.

Please note: when ordering half-size portions 70% of the regular price will be charged.

In case of any allergens, please ask your waiter for advice.