Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast

Grilled  chicken cubes with Romaine lettuce, sauce with anchovy paste, croutons, parmesan

Allergens: lactose, egg, gluten 2.200 Ft

Caesar salad with grilled prawns

Grilled prawns with with Romaine lettuce, sauce with anchovy paste, croutons, parmesan

Allergens: lactose, egg, crustaceans, gluten 2.500 Ft

Mushroom tortilla

Mixed mushroom, iceberg lettuce, vegetables, sour cream sauce rolled in tortilla

Allergens: gluten, dairy products 1.500 Ft

Crispy roasted chicken wings with cheese sauce and mixed salad

Allergens: dairy products 2.200 Ft

Tabouleh salad

Bulgur salad with vegetables

900 Ft

Assorted cold appetizers (stired cottage cheese, aubergine cream, cheese cream with sundried tomato, vegetable sticks)

Allergens: dairy products 1.900 Ft


Hungarian Goulash soup

in a pot

1.900 Ft

Hen broth with vegetables

Allergens: gluten - noodles 1.400 Ft

Hungarian Goulash soup

in a cup

Allergens: milk white protein 1.400 Ft

Pumpkin creamy soup with roasted pumpkin seeds

Allergens: pumpkin seeds 1.100 Ft

Coconut -raspberry soup with sesame seeds flavoured cream of wheat

Allergens: dairy products, sesame seeds 1.300 Ft


Ironed fillet of chicken leg with Greek salad

Allergens: dairy products 2.500 Ft

Kiev chicken breast

Breaded chicken breast stuffed with spicy butter

Allergens: dairy products, gluten, egg 1.800 Ft

Breaded chicken breast

Allergens: gluten, egg 1.800 Ft

Confit duck leg with braised cabbage and baked potatoes

3.200 Ft


Breaded pork chop

Allergens: gluten, egg 1.800 Ft

Pork tenderloin strips with vegetables Brassó style

2.500 Ft

Pork knuckle Boulangere style

Baked boneless pork knuckle with onioned potato

3.200 Ft

Pork chop Butcher's style

Pork chop with ham, pickled cucumber ragout

1.800 Ft

Beef / Veal

Beef Stroganoff

Beef tenderloin with creamed ragout with mushroom

Allergens: milk white protein, dairy product, mustard 3.400 Ft

Beef hamburger with potato wedges and cabbage salad

Home made beef patty, bun, mayonnaise, lettuce with potato wedges, cabbage salad

Allergens: gluten, milk white protein, dairy product, egg, mustard 2.900 Ft

Veal stew with sheep cheese dumplings

Allergens: gluten, milk white protein, dairy product, egg 3.200 Ft

Beef stew

Allergens: milk white protein 2.100 Ft


Fish & Chips

2.900 Ft

Shrimp pie

Grilled shrimp, lettuce, tomato, spicy mayonnaise, cheese in a pie

Allergens: gluten, crustaceans, dairy products 2.500 Ft

Catfish paprikash with cottage cheese noodles

Allergens: gluten, dairy products, fish 3.200 Ft


Penne Aglio Olio with prawns

Penne with chili-garlic olive oil, prawns

Allergens: gluten, crustaceans 2.600 Ft

Lasagne with spinach

Allergens: gluten, dairy products 2.200 Ft

Spagetti Carbonara

Spaghetti and creamed ragout with Bacon, egg

Allergens: gluten, dairy products, egg 2.200 Ft


Floating Island

Allergens: dairy products, egg, almond 1.000 Ft

Chocolate mousse

Allergens: dairy products, egg 1.000 Ft

Eszterházy walnut cake

Allergens: dairy products, egg, walnut, gluten 1.100 Ft

Side dishes

French fries

690 Ft

Jasmine rice

690 Ft

Potato purée

Allergens: dairy products 690 Ft

Baked potato

690 Ft

Steamed vegetables

Allergens: dairy products 790 Ft

Crispy fried sweet potato fries

990 Ft

Egg noodle dumlings

Allergens: gluten, egg 590 Ft

Egg barley

Allergens: gluten, egg 590 Ft



690 Ft

Cabbage salad

690 Ft

Mixed pickles

690 Ft

Cucumber salad

690 Ft

Pickled cucumber

690 Ft

Sauce, other

Ketchup 150 Ft

Mustard 150 Ft

Mayonnaise 150 Ft

Minced hot pepper 'Erős Pista' 150 Ft

Slice of bread 50 Ft

Cutlery - spoon 150 Ft

Cutlery - fork, knife 150 Ft